For tourists planning to stay in or around Kalibo, the easiest or most common way to get around is by tricycle.  One tricycle can technically fit up to eight passengers, but four people is more common once personal luggage and general comfort are taken into consideration.  The cost for a chartered tricycle from Kalibo Airport to Kalibo Town is PHP 100.  Guests can also reach their Kalibo accommodations from Kalibo Airport by booking a private van through their hotel or resort.  Prices will vary depending on the establishment.

Kalibo Airport passengers planning to travel to Boracay upon arrival have a multitude of options for reaching Boracay Island.  The most reliable and convenient method is by making ground transporation arrangements directly through a hotel or resort.  While the cost of making arrangements through a hotel might entail a small surcharge, it generally provides a more seamless experience than booking transportation through one of the many third-party ground transportation options.  Many third-parties  levy additional charges or hidden fees.

If you are traveling on a budget and staying at accommodations that do not arrange ground transportation from Kalibo Airport to Boracay Island, you can simply purchase your tickets upon arrival.  There are ticket booths for buses, chartered vans, and private cars directly outside the arrival terminal of Kalibo Airport.  Buying a ticket directly from one of these booths is generally less expensive than making a booking through a third-party agent.